My Locked Memories

“ She opened the door of my locked memories. She opened the door to my massive emotions of the feelings I had the moment I step...”


Pre-Race Jitters

Dear Diary, I'm nervous. I'm anxious. I'm afraid. Pre-race feels are sinking in. I have a hilly 5k race on Saturday and I'm scared. What if I get injured during the race? What if I fail and don't get a good time? Anxiety is circling up like a loop. My heart is beating as fast … Continue reading Pre-Race Jitters


It makes me mad how people can judge you too quickly. For one mistake they won't stop talking and just continue to break your heart and patience. But after all, isn't it being mad is the cause of judgments coming out from your mouth? It's like a cycle. I'm mad because of what others can … Continue reading Mad


A place where I can go. Where i can scream my heart out. That in a chaos I can find comfort and serenity. That despite of the sadness there's still a hint of happiness coming. Deep inside my soul, it's a relief for the problems waving in like how the waves of the ocean come … Continue reading Home