An Open Letter to my Current Self + 2 AM thoughts

Dear Current Self,

It's 2:03 AM in the morning as I am typing this and I just wanted to exhaust myself since half of me wants to doze off and half of me doesn't want to.

Not good a disciplining myself would be the best statement to describe this.

So what should I say to you? You did some unexpected things that you thought you would never do.

Maybe out of curiosity.
But at least now you know what it feels like. Now you know how is it done. So if I were you stop doing it again. But of course, I know temptation is so easy for you. I mean you're like really cooperating with it.

But I always tell you this, you're regretting later.

But what I realized is that when you don't do whatever you want then you wouldn't laugh when your gray and old.

So maybe we can make a promise that we wouldn't be doing that again aye?

So anyways, let me see on how well are you coping in this human world eh?

I don't even know why I am so productive in writing right now yet I'm really sleepy. The fact I have to wake up around 10 AM makes me so argh.

Things have been lil' good right now eh?

Your uncle's mom arriving here in town and able to chit-chat seems nice really.

Eating ice cream with your other uncle at your favorite ice cream shop seems really fantastic.

And staying most of the time in this home isn't that bad because grandma is here to entertain.

So yes, everything's pretty good here.

I'm just on a debate right now whether to continue this or just finish it in the morning.

I still have a lot of words running in my head bruh.

I forgot, I was supposed to express my thoughts about my current self? Gosh I was focused on telling my day, again.

You've been really strong lately my dear.

I believe you still have to learn a lot of things and I know you can do it.

So currently right now? I want you to go to sleep and finish this in the morning or publish this with your raw 2 am thoughts.

Well all I want to say is be ready on our future. Study smarter and know your limitations. Stop the shits and live life to the fullest.

Focus on your goals and enjoy being a teen.

You've been pretty good in the few months huh? 5 months here in LA seems a survival mode.

I'm really happy because you flawlessly accept your mistakes. I'm proud.

Just try to be yourself and everything will be okay. Please do try to discipline yourself and it must start now.

School will start within a few days and I know you can do it.

So are you ready for more memories we shall be doing?

If yes, go to sleep and start to remove toxins aye!? Lol.




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