Describing myself in 3 Words

  • Soft-Hearted person

I don't even know why I describe this by I find myself being touched with other people. I mean like perhaps with old people, I always want to hug them and like I easily interact with them. And yes, I'm one of those grand daughters who is really sweet with their grandparents. Ask them trust me. Lol.
And also like whenever someone doesn't do a chores for the other, or somehow like doesn't do anything to the other, I feel bad about it and just do it myself instead. Like I don't want anyone to feel bad and sad.

  • Witty

I wouldn't say that I'm really smart. But I'm really sure that I'm a fast and willing learner and also I find myself funny. Lol. I mean people laugh at me sometimes because of my jokes. Ermm yeah? I mean because I'm a jolly person. Teeheeehehe

  • Adventurous

Curiosity kills a cat. And that seems accurate. So I find myself really adventurous because I'm willing to do anything just to make my life worth living. I mean making life fun eh?

So yes, those are the three words to describe myself in my point of view. I mean I ain't trying to brag or just whatever. Lol

How about you? What are three words that you would describe about yourself?
Let me know on the comments section!

Have a great day peeps! 😉


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