Sunday Currently | 11

Hi guys! 

A good day Sunday we have here huh? Lol

Okay so I feel kinda productive but let me tell you how my sunday and my week went briefly.

So last week, specifically we celebrated my lil’ sister’s birthday last August 4th. She’s now four years old. And then last August 2, it was my late grandfather’s birthday (mother side) and my second grandma’s birthday (father side).

And then yesterday, my american uncle’s mother arrived here in LA fresh from Ohio. 

So well enough with my talking! Pardon me because I almost forgot that I was writing and Sunday Currently, not a weekly timeline. Lol!



Well I wasn’t reading anything at the moment. But I was just browsing twitter.


Sunday Currently vol. 11 


CrossFit games. I mean my uncle was watching something on the TV and it was Crossfit games. K this is senseless.


Well, I feel calm at the moment. 

And don’t worry this wouldn’t be the longest part. Well I was just thinking the thing I did awhile ago which either makes me regret it and just forget it and saying that if we didn’t do this then we wouldn’t have things to laugh if we’re gray and old. In fact, I even searched this if its good and they said yes with the listed good things whatsoever.


FOOOODDDD. We’re about to eat our late lunch.


That things would go right and that we would survive here in ‘Merica and also that we would fit in and succeed in life.

And maybe just have myself like a fresh erase and start of my myself and maybe just being myself


To receive a call from my school that I’m enrolled. Well we would be receiving a call on Wednesday this week and I’m really hoping and it’s must that I should be enrolled since school will start like in a few days more.


Striped sleeveless B&W dress


Hmmm? Maybe the new Nike Shoes that my uncle (my cousin’s dad. This is my other uncle different from what I mentioned previously above.) bought for me. It’s really lit and I’m thanking him for even thinking on buying shoes for me and my sis. 


Peace of mind and happiness. That’s a must. 


The school supplies!! Well eight more days and school starts!!


I feel full and good since my uncle (the one who bought us shoes) brought us to an ice cream shop and we just chit-chat

Snow Monster at Korea Town is lit.

P.S. I ate the one with cotton candy. That’s with cookies and cream ice cream scoop and choco chips. And also the cotton candy which can give me a severe tooth ache or diabetes in the future lol.

Thank you guys for reading and hope you have a fun week ahead!

Byee! xx

P.S. I wrote the first half of this currently in the early afternoon and then the other half just a few mins ago. Night time perhaps.


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