30 SURPRISING Facts that you don’t know about me!

Hi guys!
So basically, I wanted you guys to know me more and so here I am sharing 30 surprising facts about myself!

I did something related here too! And it's the 20 Revelations about my teenage self! Go check it out. 😉

I won't be making this intro long since I'm about to say nonsense interesting words so yeah. I hope you guys noted sarcasm there aye?

  1. My height is 5'0 the last time I checked it. It was like two months ago. Let's see now. Lol
  2. I did crochet two years ago.
  3. I have a soft spot for old people.
  4. I love mysteries and thrilling things. Adventurous perhaps.
  5. My favorite color is blue. But I love happy colors.
  6. I have a weird and funny laugh. – according to my friends.
  7. I prefer having a boy bestfriend than having a boyfriend. Well having a boyfriend isn't my priority anyways.
  8. I repeated my nursery/pre-K year way back in the Philippines because I said a bad word to a nun- can you guys blame a innocent three year old?
  9. Similarly to number eight, I don't even remember a thing about that, they just told me that.
  10. Fan of Spongebob. Is it only me? Hehe
  11. I always bring my phone on the bathroom. Okay I know this isn't just me.
  12. I prefer slippers than shoes
  13. Nike is my favorite brand of shoes. Adidas goes second for that.
  14. I read werewolf and teen fiction stories on wattpad.
  15. Open minded.
  16. Selfless. I mean I wouldn't let anyone be harmed. I rather face it.
  17. I know self worth.
  18. 16 and 17 is nonsense
  19. I was just joking on number 18
  20. I believe that everything happens for a reason
  21. One of the apps I use to have blog ideas is on Pinterest that helps!
  22. I'm mostly active on twitter. -jusxprgs
  23. Outspoken person
  24. Lazy to comb her hair. Sorry!
  25. Rarely wears contact lens because again of laziness.
  26. I have dark brown almond eyes
  27. I have black hair but soon I would be coloring that. Lol
  28. I'm open to do unexpected things. Hehe
  29. I studied at a Catholic School namely as Dominican School.
  30. In the Philippines, I lived in a province called Pangasinan- and yes, probinsyana nga naman. Lol

Have a great day guys!
P.S. Need your suggestions! What blog ideas/topics would you like me to talk about? Leave 'em in the comments section 😉


4 thoughts on “30 SURPRISING Facts that you don’t know about me!

  1. I love spongebob. A friend gave me a huge spongebob as a gift. When you stand it on the floor beside me, it heights up to my hips. So much love for spongebob!!! 💕

    I bring my phone in the bathroom too. Is it weird? Lol

    I don’t like to comb my hair too. I feel that if I don’t comb it, it will be more smoother than when I comb it. Hahahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHHAHA waaah! We have similarities!! No it’s normal to bring it to the bathroom 😙😉😉 even though my mom gets mad at me whenever I bring it 😀😂😂 For some reason I feel like my hair looks good when I comb it heheheh kumbaga parang nasuklayan na chos!😂😂😂😊💕

      Liked by 1 person

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