SPORTS: Pursuing running at a marathon as my sport + Three sports that I wished I’d focus on.

This is the first time I would be talking about sports.

Months after I arrived here in LA and just awhile ago, my aunt told me that I should run and join the marathon. Rather I should do running as my sport.

So here's how it went: (summarized)
Aunt: Hey Jus, me and Joe (my uncle) were talking about you joining the marathon. He said you should join. But I told him you have asthma. But he said it doesn't matter.

Me: Oh really? *chuckles*

Aunt: Yes and you can do it! Joe might give you a prize for running the marathon and you're really perfect for it. And if I were you, I'd join that.

Me: What if they won't get me?
Aunt: Why you thinking that way?

And then the conversation goes on and on with different topics and explanations until we arrive at Ralphs.

The thing is I'm having a debate on my mind whether I should run and join the marathon this school year here in LA.

Running isn't really my thing. I mean I don't pursue a career on running. But it isn't bad to try new things out eh?

Swimming and Badminton is my field of expertise. I mean not really expertise but I know how to play them and I find badminton easier for me. But what my cousin told me, they don't have those at our school. But I didn't have a long term training or a professional training for both. I only attended a swimming training two to three years ago.

Well for your information, they do six months of training that will start on September and after those six months, they would select only a few people who they think deserves to join the marathon.

Well the thought made me pessimistic.

I mean, I'm not really hoping if it's like a situation without back-up.

Well I told my aunt I would be joining because it was really convincing and having an accomplishment on sport is really just wow.
I mean you have something to prove to yourself that you can do it.

So awhile ago, as me and my cousin walked going back in the house from the store, I told him about me running the marathon.

And well expecting positive motivating messages?


Though we're definitely in good terms. He told me I can't run and since I have asthma. Also he's the fastest runner.

But is asthma the barrier to my sport dreams?

Well I'm not sensitive and holding grudges and I don't even really care about he said. But we're really in good terms.

Anyways, running the marathon.

I honestly don't know if I should commit on running

The fact that you have to wake up early morning for the straight six months to train.

You really need determination and passion for that.

The thing that I only dread is my illness. I have asthma. I have to face some medical checkups to be eligible on running.

Scenarios started to rush on to my mind on what could happen to me if it triggers.

Pessimistic right?

But there is this side of me who's willing to run and the other, well still on debate mode.

I just want to let these thoughts out. I really want to pursue a sports career while I study.

Well there is this pride in me that wants to run and prove to those people that I can do it.

I can and I will.

Just I should be determined and be ready on the life changing moment in my life.

A fresh new start.

Well yes, I might join the marathon.

May the Lord guide me through everything.

I should learn on disciplining myself.

But then here I am doubting myself.

Half of me wants to join and the other half thinks the opposite.

But I think I would be joining it.

Argh I'm so confused 🤷🏻‍♀️.

3 Sports that I wished I'd focused on.

🏸 Badminton- This is the first sport that I learned. I learned it through me and my cousin playing all the time way back home and at school. I didn't have a proper training for it. But then I really would love to pursue a career in this kind of sport as for my student years.

🏊🏻‍♀️ Swimming – As I said, I had a training on swimming two to three years ago. Well I really love swimming. It's like a relaxation. And I'm really willing to pursue and train harder for this.

🏐 Volleyball- This sport wasn't really what I want. But when me and my classmates started to play this I was fond of it. I also had a school training for this and even joined volleyball competitions. But we didn't win so yeah.

And then so since students at my school won't share the ball unless you're good at it, I didn't play volleyball anymore.

So yes. Running? That was really not in my list. But then I'm willing to try it out and it seems to be good at me.

But then I would be having a check up and certification from the doctor if I'm eligible on joining.

So, question of the day,

What sports do you play? Did you pursue it?



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