5 TRAITS of mine that I should outgrow and how will I do that.

No one is really perfect. Even the kindest and purest of all has it flaws.

I don't even know why but until now I can't outgrow these traits.

Like I can't have a control on myself.

So here I'm sharing to you my some traits that I literally want to outgrow them.

Trait # 1:

Having less patience.

I hate to admit it, but I find myself losing patiences immediately. I mean like after a few tries, I find myself giving up.

Thought it really depends on the task, generally I find myself stopping.

Like I know the saying goes by that never give up. But I don't even know why I give up.

How would I outgrow and remove this trait?

So what I'm planning to do is that I would be more patient. – obviously.

I mean I should try to expand my patience and just be determined to finish the task. Use my brain well.

With the mix of patience and determination you get success as a product. 😉

Trait #2

Having no control to myself.

This is the most hardest trait I ever hard. I can't control myself!

When I'm really curious, I lose control on myself and just do whatever I want in order to remove curiousity.

Like not being conscious.

And later on I would be regretting what I've done.

So I really really really need to learn on controlling myself.

How would I do this?

By resisting my urges to do things. By having that control fiercely.

I have to take control of myself than my curiosity.

Like what they say, regrets happens last.

And this goes similarly to trait #3

Trait #3

Sometimes, I have no discipline to myself.

Like I can't even resist!
I mean this happens lately. Maybe because I'm so sickly bored and I wasn't busy for the last four months.

How would I stop this trait?
I have to be determined on stopping this. And maybe busy myself more.

I have to learn how to resist.

Trait #4


Sometimes I think this is part of my life. Overthinking.

I really want to kill this trait and just be happy-go-lucky.

But then if you're intelligent and like you don't want failures (in short, perfectionist), you would go overthinking to the max.

I mean I'm not saying I'm a perfectionist. I'm just scared to commit mistakes. But if I ever commit mistakes, I accept them honestly.

Like how would I say this??

I'm not a perfectionist, but in life? You have to be successful. Pure failures results to massive misery.

I mean the point here is, I just don't want my life to have a greatest downfall.

I mean we all have right?
Ugh, I'm being nonsensical here.

Like we wouldn't stop the fact that we don't want things to go wrong right?

So yeah.

Trait #5

Being Hotheaded.

I don't even really know if I'm really hotheaded or it's just the people around me are so damn annoying.

I mean especially when I'm doing something and then they bug me? Sometimes I just sigh and sometimes I burst.

I mean I remember that's what my family and some of my teachers told me. I'm hotheaded.

Geez. I'm taking chill pills duh! Joke!

So yesh…

These are my five traits that I want to them to vanish.

How about you? What are five traits that you want to remove?


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