Tuesday Timeline: School’s been shitty right now.

The smell of hot choco made me relax and drinking it made my nerves calm.

Today's happenings isn't that good.
Even though my aunt told me to not to worry. I wouldn't be in

August 9th, Wednesday, marked the day that we should be receiving a call from our school that I'm enrolled.
Since I'm waitlisted.

But before I get to the point let me tell you some fragments of my day.

10:58 AM
This was the time I finally woke up after few attempts of my mom and one attempt from my aunt to wake me up.

Sleeping is so good right?

11 AM marked the time where we decided to leave and go to Porto's to buy some goodies. #FoodSweets

posted some snippets on my Instagram story. My username is justineparagas. Check it out! Lasts for only 24 hours!

Later on, around 12 PM after buying some sweets, we went to Michael's to buy some craft stuffs for my cousin's baptism decoration of souvenirs.

And to tell you guys I was so overwhelmed in a good way with the yarn and hooks they have! I was a crochet person before! I love to create pieces. In fact, I made a scarf, and a table cover. I left it as a display in our house at the Philippines though.

Sadly, I don't have money to buy that hays! #ButasBulsaKoBes

Anyways, after that we went back home around 2 pm. After a few minutes of rest, at 2:55 PM, me and my aunt drove our way going to her dental appointment.

Waiting for my aunt to finish at least 2 hours, I was busy browsing Instagram and mostly unfollowing a lot of inactive accounts and shops that I followed years ago since they're useless for me anyways.

After that, we went to an eye clinic and paid $50 to fix a broken glasses of my uncle.

And so we went home and let me now tell you why school went shitty.

Why has school been shitty today?

So, in between those timelines I shared, my aunt was calling the school. So whenever my aunt calls, it's either they would not answer or they would answer but then the principal is on a meeting.

During the afternoon, they told us to call after an hour since there's a meeting, that was 2 pm. So we would be calling on 3 pm.

And we missed the time since during 3 pm my aunt was on her dental appointment, her teeth was being cleaned so she wasn't able to talk. 4 pm was the time when everything was done on the dental.

Oh well the thing is, school is next week and we haven't received any call or update yet! What the hell? They promised us that they would call today.

So anyways, my aunt was really confident enough that I would get accepted since I'm a smart student. Well, generally yes, because of my grades and graduating valedictorian.

In this case, I feel annoyed and nervous at the same time.

I was really eager to know my schedule and what time classes am I in.

Like argh. Time flies so fast.

So guys all I'm asking is that can you pray for me? Hehe.

I'm praying that everything goes well on me and that the school will say that I got a place there. But whatever happens, I don't want to go home.

I just want these thoughts to be out. It's bothering me to carry something heavy.

And right now I feel jitters about school.

My aunt told me not to worry since I would be definitely be enrolled. But that's not the point.

Everything is making me nervous. Everything about it.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Timeline: School’s been shitty right now.

    1. Thank you Ate! It’s just I’m so stressed out. School no update pa rin so we have to go tomorrow eh next week na classes. And now my phone’s line argh. And the heat. About to make a blog entry for that. Hopefully you have a pleasant day! 🤗🤗🤗🤗


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