LIFE IS REALLY DAMN UNEXPECTED! | Thursday and Friday Thoughts

Hey guys!

So I was suppose to upload Thursday and Friday's (today) timelines since they were really quite interesting.

But since I'm not really in the mood today to write timelines, I'll just share to you what happened during this day and yesterday.
I'm really sorry guys if I'm quite lazy today since it was really a busy day and it made us exhausted.

But since I'm really want to write some entry for y'all. Here is it!

So I'm writing this like a journal form. Yeah.

Thursday, August 10,2017

This was pretty busy and tiring day!

So Thursday, August 10th, marked the day of us going to my sister's school. We have to get her books, schedule, and uniform.

So I posted yesterday some snaps at my IG story, but since 24 hours had passed, they already vanished.

So to tell you guys, we arrived at my sister's school around 9 AM and since the line was long, we left the place around 12 PM as soon as everything was complete in our hands.

Although my sister had to go to the office on first day for her to get access to her lockers. But that would be pretty easy.

So we ate our lunch at Panda's Express, and went to Costco to buy some mini groceries.

After so, we decided to go to T-Mobile to give ourselves some sim cards in order to have a US number. So my aunt joined our sims to her plan.

And now here's the conflict,

My phone is unfortunately locked at a carrier in the Philippines. And that carrier is Smart. Filipinos you guys obviously know that carrier right? Right.

And so luckily for my sister her phone is not locked so it was easy for her. Ugh.

And in between those errands we have done, we were calling my school since they didn't call us for confirmation that indeed I was enrolled and accepted to the school.

I was really disappointed since first, whenever we call they're always busy and we can't communicate with them. I mean, I understand if they're busy but most of the time we always receive unanswered calls you know? So ugh.

But everything's okay now and here's why.

So as soon as we arrived at home, I slumped into the couch exhausted and ready to burst my anger bubble.

I was currently in the bathroom when my aunt spilled the news.

"Jus! You're accepted!" She shouted.

So I was busy on my phone when I heard it. It wasn't syncing on my mind until I told her to repeat what she said.


Fantastic right?

So let me continue the story on my Friday part of this entry,

Friday, August 11,2017

Okay so my day started by my mom waking me up around 8:45 AM.

After so we headed to my school to get the enrollment packet since I'm accepted so I basically have to submit everything they told us in the packet.

And the nice thing is they are really organized. They even made a note to the office to give us the enrollment packet which I find really nice since they didn't forget about it.

So yes, we got the enrollment packet and headed to Beverly Connection and Beverly Center since we have to do some stuffs there and for my supposedly unlocking of my phone.

Which unfortunately Apple doesn't unlock phones. So we couldn't unlock it since it came from the Philippines. Gosh.

So we were brainstorming so bad, and we just came to an idea to buy me a second phone.

And as we came home after Beverly Connection and Center, after a few minutes of rest, we left the house with my uncle's mom or who we call grandma and went to Downtown LA.

I was really sad because Macy's ran outnof Khaki Pants in my size since I need it for my school uniform, and also since my aunt has some coupons so it would come as the best quality with a cheap price.

So after at Macy's, we walked our way going to Target. And yes, grandma had a hard time on walking LOL.

We ate dinner at Five Guys. And my aunt bought me a second phone at Target for me to use the sim she bought and have a number here in USA. And NO, it's not an iPhone.

It's an Android BLU phone. It's unpopular but it's just the same on Android Phones. Lagging but tolerable and good enough for a long time use.

So yes, this is what happened on Thursday and Friday.

Well I'm really tired from today's errands so… yeesshh.

See you guys soon on my next blog entry!!

P.S. Need your help guys!
So I was having a debate on my mind whether I should bring my two phones every school day.
Well because for my iPhone 6s, like I said, it's locked so I can't put a sim on it. They bought me a second phone for text/call. Since it doesn't have a nice camera (ya know what I mean eh) I should be having a nice camera with me.

So what y'all think guys? 😉
Finished: 12:28 AM Saturday. ❤️


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