Reflecting About My Life

I wanted to write this to have like a reflection about my life here in the States. I want to know personally myself on what’s happening to me. Catch up with myself. And just reflect.

So what’s up with me? Sometimes we can’t find the words to express what we truly want to say. But here I am, in that state right now, as possible, squeeze my brain for fresh ideas just like how you squeeze a lemon to get its juices for lemonade.

I’m guessing you guys saw my “Guide to America” post right? The one that says if you plan to stay here, these are things you should know. So I deleted that since by accident, I published it not yet finished. But I’d be posting one like that very soon.

Let me elaborate how’s my life right now.

I’m on training for running the marathon- and I guess you guys know that already since I’ve been talking about that.

For running two miles last week, my recorded time was 20 minutes and 30 seconds. Not bad for a first timer huh? Add the fact you ran four miles awhile ago and finished it 59 mins just before the cut off. I’m proud of you, self. And I believe we still have a lot of things to achieve. I hope we can do it.

Next, School.

The place where you meet your friends and study. For my part, I just made like one new friend. She’s Filipina but doesn’t know how to speak the language. She’s really kind and I hope to be long time friends with her.

Studies? They’re being good too me. But sometimes you wouldn’t ignore the fact on being anxious and overthink all the time. Oh well, I’m trying to stay positive despite all. Because like when you grow up and start to work, did you use all of the things you learned at school?

Did you use geometry for your doctor course? Did you use science for your architecture course? Did you use History for your course on being a chef? No right? So it all depends on what are we getting.

So yeah. I’m trying to stay sane and positive.

Awhile ago, I talked to my fatherside family. And seeing my two grandmothers -(my real one and her sister) made me miss home again, but it doesn’t mean I would cry. I was really happy seeing them and my dad knows that. Because when Dad called me, I answered immediately asking for what’s the answer on my math problem but he gave the phone to my Lola (my second grandma), I was really euphoric. I was feeling euphoria too when I saw my Mama (my real grandma) when I talked to her. I was telling her to go here in the States and telling Lola too to come. Oh how I miss my fatherside family and the whole clan at home.

To make things to short, I miss home.

Everything takes time. Fingers crossed 🤞 that I can visit them after two years or earlier.

You know, I really believe a year changes you a lot. Looking back, I didn’t see myself right now here. I didn’t see myself the traits I have right now than before. I didn’t expect everything to happen.

Life is unexpected.<
or the past few years, looking back, I saw myself dreaming to stay in here. And so here I am- dejavu?

So yes.

So far, so good. I'm not in the depressing state right now.

Basically I made this post since I'm posting a surprise post! And this isn't any typical post I have. And I won't go for more details. Stay tuned for it. 😉



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