I guess I just have to get used to this.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours guys!

Christmas is supposed to be staying up all night on the 24th, opening presents and eating all food prepared. But for me, that’s not the case.

I started my Christmas Eve by having a video chat with my friends in the Philippines which I miss all of them so dearly.

And of course, the 24th came in as an ordinary day. Time flies so fast, and we’re just in the house. Ate Filipino food for dinner and binge-watching five episodes of The Magicians Season 2 with mom which reminds me to finish 7 more episodes today.

It’s just simple, boring, and ordinary. In short, it’s flooding with sadness and nostalgia in my system.

I miss my home. I’m homesick right now. We just have to get used to the sad celebration of America because they just work work work! It’s irritating you know? It’s irritating because this is a sad country if you don’t have your whole clan with you.

I know I’m not just alone on this situation. Almost everyone nowadays who are overseas can be spending Christmas alone.

As soon as the clock strikes 12, for a few minutes, I tried to stay up but everyone’s already sleeping so sleep took over.

This will pass. Christmas will pass. And ordinary days ahead. Just one homesick day.

Woke up with a heavy heart today that my mom is working and the silence is just too much to handle.

I want fun. I want to do something unforgettable. I want to celebrate Christmas the best way possible. I want to celebrate it the wild or craziest way.

Not just lying on a bed talking to almost all of your friends and just there, staring into space.

Probably celebrating New Years would be like this too. Sad, Quiet, Boring, ugh!

I guessed I have to get used to all this sadness and struggles.

After all, this is the price you pay when you decied to stay overseas and stay on America — sadness.


7 thoughts on “I guess I just have to get used to this.

  1. Hey, Merry Christmas! ❤ It sucks when you're so used to having a festive holiday season and then things change. I'm so sorry you feel this way but I hope you find it within you to be strong and enjoy the holidays. 🙂

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  2. This too shall pass. Last year, I too was in the same state of being away from the fam because of work… and it was really not a good feeling. It felt so sad, but I regained most of my energy and optimisim through prayers. Hugs!! Merry Christmas!

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