Life Vs. You

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Cliche as it may sound

I’m hurting too.

In the world full of rainbows

is a world filled with darkness

Each having divisions

Each having their own chaos

Some did not care

And some failed to do their move

Some were left hanging

On a loose thread

Some are torn

Some are wrecked

Some are using

a permanent solution

To a temporary problem

Life spells mess

life spells unpredictability

You don’t know what’s ahead

Makes you shake in fear

Makes your head scribble

the thoughts that weren’t there

Everyone shows the bright side

But leave the dark side on the deep

When it needs to be out

So the light could see

The darkness as it grows

The smaller the chances

of a happiness that everyone

is craving and missin

Sometimes I feel

Like the happiness is always gone

It’s not there

It’s not everywhere

You have to create the happiness

But how?

Why does every happiness

Gives you a good shade of sadness

When everything was falling into place

And suddenly the world crashed.

Terrified, upset, torn, depressed

Because the world once again rejected

Something you’ve ever desired.

You’re in that corner

Crying in despair

And we all know

That the world is unfair

We have nothing to do

No options left

That’s how it is

Life gave what it thought you deserve

When you believe

That you deserve so much more

But you are fighting

Against the world

Against the universe

Which always leads you

To being the loser

And just…

Give up.

Oh my gosh guys.

I don’t know what came up to me and suddenly I made this poem.

It’s World Poetry Day right? Just in time!

Let me know what you think about this poem! See you on my next post!


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