From the Mountains to the Ocean trip

Yesterday was one of the unexpected things we have done as a family.

We went to Mount Pinos just to see snow and drove to Malibu just to eat our late lunch.

Cool aye?

But anyway, let me tell you, how was my trip at that time.

Mount Pinos

We really wanted to see snow, so the whole fam decided to drive from LA to Mount Pinos which was almost a two-hour drive. We left the house around 11 am and drove our way.

As we drove through the mountains, we thought there wasn’t any sign if snow, but as soon as we arrived at the Mt Pinos Nordic Base there was snow! But it was melting and so it led us to the ice part.

Seeing snow for the first time even though it was about to vanish was magical. I finally checked it off my bucket list though I wanted to experience the real deal, I’ll just wait for next year.

It was so cold guys!

Here are some pictures with me and my family.

It was a good outing where we had the chance to bond and stuff.

I have to admit the picture above is really cute for me. That’s me and my cousin. If you only guys saw the behind the scenes of that picture- I had to climb on a cutted trunk of a tree quickly for that shot since my cousin is so tall- he’s 5’10 and two days older than me- so yes, both of us are 13 years old. We screamed “Esketit” on taking that picture lol.

Before I forget, I sled for a bit. And I was scared guys.

I was screaming the whole time so if you guys planned to watch that vid please don’t wear your earphones.

Sorry for overreacting but it’s my first time and the ground was really slippery.

Moving on, after taking pictures, we went to Malibu. Paradise Cove to be exact, to eat lunch.

I ate a burger but I forgot take a picture of it since I was so hungry.

And after eating our late lunch, we finally went back home

The trip was just to two places but damn edge to edge guys. It was really far.

It was a fun experience even though it was really tiring.

It’s been a long time since the last time I posted a travel blog entry. Let me know if you guys love this post and I’ll see you on my next blog entry!



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