Blogging is draining me out

I don’t how it happened or why did it happened but I feel like blogging is draining me out.

Probably I have writers’ block. But whenever when I have to type something in here, and I’m on the process of it, I just feel demotivated and not interested on finishing an entry.

I close the app and just browse social media.

I feel unproductive. I’m really trying my best to provide you guys with articles that are eye-catching and that are interesting. But I guess I don’t have the time to finish it or create one.

Add the fact when my stats are just showing me low ratings- result of me posting almost nothing and probably having crappy blog posts.

So I’m still thinking whether I should be on hiatus with blogging? I just can’t find myself blogging right now or even for this year.

I don’t know. I’m demotivated on finishing an entry task. I’m not motivated to write something.

I don’t even know if someone is reading my blog posts! I don’t even know how to interact with you guys anymore.

For the sake of my blog, can you guys leave your opinion on what blog posts I can write about? It would be much appreciated.

Have a good day.


9 thoughts on “Blogging is draining me out

  1. Take a break and live life. 🙂 There’s an actual world outside of blogging, and experiencing that real world gives you enough material to work on new posts.

    And don’t concern yourself too much with stats! I’ve mentioned this most of the time to other bloggers that wonder why their stats are low. Leave the rat race of numbers to the plebs, and focus on quality posts.

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  2. As for me, I like reading about your experience in America. You can write about your days or how you are now. I’m totally fine with that. In a non-creepy way, I feel like you’re my little sister and I want to make sure that you’re doing okay in your new environment.

    But also, don’t feel burdened about writing for me (or us). Write freely. That helps with all the pressure! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤️ I appreciate it that you’re a reader of my blog and you treat me as a family. ❤️ You’re like a sister to me as well! You give best advices and supportive. ❤️ Well I sometimes feel that no one is paying attention on my website. There are times I almost deleted it. But again thank you for this ❤️ lots of love 😗


  3. I read your blog, or I would know how you feel about writing if you really want to carry on your blog write about how you feel every day, get it out of your system you will be surprised how everyone response, and then if you feel you cannot continue, take a break your blog will always be there. Happy Days writing and laughing

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      1. Ah that’s not true, think positive you are as good as anybody else, enjoy writing, maybe even poetry, I get great satisfaction from writing poetry. Just an idea, don’t take it to heart – cut back on all the hearts, it stops the flow of reading. Kind Thought’s, Elsie.
        Have a nice day writing.

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