This is one of my good Fridays

Hi guys! After a long break from blogging, here I am patching myself up to be back on track! Missed you all!

Fridays are always a sign of finally sitting on the couch, binge watch, not to do homework, and just relax after a long week of school.

Well that was a case for me but I had stuffs to do on Friday.

And I was supposed to study today for my finals on Monday but my friday today was packed.

First, me attending the closing ceremony of our school’s National Junior Honor Society, aka NJHS. I am a member of it. Basically you do community service for a specified number of hours they give and they’ll award you. And being a member of that is good for your record.

I’m happy to experience my first and last NJHS closing ceremony with my friends as middle school comes to an end and being a high school starts.

Click here to see the pictures.

After that, my cousin’s friend was the one who dropped us off to our house but before that, we ate Filipino streetfood! My cousin, being raised here, was almost gonna gag. His reaction is so damn hilarious. It’s been more than a year since the last time I ate pinoy streetfood!

Next here’s the fun part, my dumbass of a cousin, doesn’t like the food served, we sneaked out of the house (p.s. my mom agreed but my aunt didn’t- but she didn’t get mad at us anyway.) to go to McDonald’s and a Boba store.

And I used my own money to buy him food. I felt bad because he didn’t eat in the whole day.

Small things are always the best huh?

I guess that’s all. I have to study for this weekend for my finals and I’m so nervous because I’m anxious about it- if that made sense.

P.S. Some people we know thinks me and my cousin are dating because he would put his arm around me. I mean is something wrong about that? Let me know guys, I’m honestly confuse. Is it bad to show your love for your cousin who is like a brother to you?

I hope you guys have a great day and I’ll catch up with y’all soon! How’s life so far?


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