Back-to-School Series 

School is coming back within a week, or month.

Has school started at yours now?

So in order to be prepared and that I can also share you on what I have and know in back-to-school, I started this series and posted entries for back-to-school.

My favorite blog topic is Back to School so you guys might see me posting back-to-school blog posts oftentimes.

From time to time I’d be adding some informations and links to my blog posts about back-to-school so check this regularly!

I don’t find myself as a professional and a lover of school, but sharing my ideas based on my experiences would be awesome.

Well maybe because it’s really fun to make and share what I know for school! Whether it’s tips or tricks, or just school hauls,experiences, expect them in the list right here!

Each school year, I add some notes and divisions since why delete what you made last year right?

So anyways, I hope you have a good school year ahead and enjoy!


For easy access as you be on track in my BTS series, here are the links for the entries I did for Back-to-school:

What’s Inside my Pencil Case?
5 ways to Ace your hardest Tests
My Emergency Survival Kit

What’s Inside my Locker?

15 Study Hacks!

My School Morning Routine
Be on track and so you can have an awesome school year!

Let me know in the comments below in which of those links you already read ☺️💞

Be with me on school for special events happened or certain days that are quite worth-sharing in my life.

I will be having a Blogging the School Day series.  Read  Blogging the School Day series here:

  1. First Day Of School 2016First Big Goal Achieved!Freaky Day!

2017 School year 2017-2018 begins!!

I’m guessing all of us, students, all around the world began going to school?

For this school year, I wasn’t able to post much but definitely before this school year ends, a few sensible posts will be up here!

My First Ever Detention!!

What’s Inside My Pencil Case 2017?

My School Morning Routine 2017