Blogging Schedule 

Hi guys!

So lately I’ve been having a unstable blogging schedule. 

Why is Realist Dreamer dormant?

Why does she doesn’t follow a stable schedule?

She doesn’t post often why?

And I’m really sorry for that. I’m still trying to fix my schedule and have the right time on blogging. Since in a couple of days school will start and then my schedule for blogging will turn to another big change. So finally here I am, I have constructed a new schedule.

Blogging Schedule:


Fridays (tentative)


This schedule will start this week and for the whole summer vacation. But you may not notice that there will be changes as days of school are coming to a near. But don’t worry, I wouldn’t forget about my blog. You guys are family to me.
So yeah. This is the blogging schedule for Realist Dreamer. Thank you for reading and putting up with this blog!  Ciao!
And also the days stated above are the days where mostly I am going to post. But then I can post everyday but then mostly you guys can check anytime or when the days stated above came.