Let’s Keep In Touch! FAQs

Hi guys!

So I realized I forgot to add this page on my blog so here is it!

So you can contact me by:

  1. Sending me an email at mylifeasjustine0504@icloud.com – this is highly recommended on where we can communicate.
  2. Twitter- @jusxprgs – feel free to send me a message here 🙂
  3. Instagram- jusxprgs
  4. Askfm- you guys can ask me anything you want to ask. Those thoughts deserve to let out! 🙂 justineantoinette
  5. Pinterest: justineantoinet
  6. Sarahah– state your thoughts anonymously 👏

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where were you born? Where do you live? – I was born in the Philippines- specifically in a province called Pangasinan. I lived at the Philippines for the 12 years of my existence but now as I turned 13th two months ago, we migrated to the USA- Los Angeles, California.
  • When is your birthday? May 17th,2004
  • How old are you? 13 years old.
  • What is your real name? My real name is Justine Antoinette Paragas

  • What is your blog all about? My blog is a lifestyle blog. It’s about me sharing my life and experiences, and what I know and learned
  • What’s the contents of my blog? You guys find it by yourselves by browsing this site!
  • Why did you think on entering this blogging industry- one year and two months ago, I’ve decided to take a risk and started making this site. Writing has been a part of my life. Writing is my way of relaxing and easing out.
  • Where are you most active? Twitter, Email, Askfm, and Instagram. I’m not really a busy bee so I reply fast.


Feel free to comment if you have questions. I’m not really good at this blogging FAQs but I am willing to answer your questions!