My Running Journey

Wanted to run but something’s holding you back? Scared? You’re not alone, for a first timer I experienced all possible negativities that would come into me.

I hope this post helps you to decide whether to pursue running or just do whatever you want- which I want you to choose the first one.

From the very beginning, I didn’t see myself to be a student-athlete. In my old school, I didn’t really had the chance to be sporty that much. But here in America? Opportunities flooding in and here I am, officially a runner and finished a marathon! I wanted to document every race I had because first times only happen once for this one. And looking back, it’s really funny how running changed my life. This is a sport I will truly focus on and a part of my lifestyle.

I’m Justine, and I’m proud to say I belong in that small percentage who runs marathons.

It’s still my first time and I hope and will make sure in the future my medals will be a lot. That’s the spirit!

Now below are the links of the blog post I wrote for each race I had in the past.

My First Ever 5K Race

For my second race, which is a 10k (6 miles) I wasn’t able to write a story on it, however, I posted pictures, click here to see it!

My 15k Race

My first half marathonthis was my bad race guys. I didn’t like the race but the experience with the friends was okay.

My Second Half Marathondefinitely better than the first one!

My 18 Mile Run

LA Marathonhonestly this was my best race ever.

Enjoy reading them in one time or whatever you guys want it to! Thank you for being a reader of my blog and I suggest you guys follow me on my instagram @jusxprgs

I change my usernames sometimes but stay on track 🙂

And always remember to never hesitate to try something that scares you, oftentimes that has a sweet victory and glory.