I didn’t realize I was lucky until I…

Life. Life offers us various struggles and triumphs. Challenges and failures. Like what I always say, life is unexpected. Living in USA, being an immigrant, is really hard. When you came from an average family or less, it would be a struggle. Struggle to find work. Struggle to collect gold. But if you’re rich, or [...]


The Cry of A Grade Conscious Student

I'm freaking bothered. My brain starts to fill in with negative thoughts and my heart starts to beat rapidly. I'm pissed and disappointed at the same time. It made me lose my mood and my giddiness. I felt weak, I felt slow. But how did this happened? Awhile ago, I decided to check my over-all [...]

Reflecting About My Life

I wanted to write this to have like a reflection about my life here in the States. I want to know personally myself on what's happening to me. Catch up with myself. And just reflect. So what's up with me? Sometimes we can't find the words to express what we truly want to say. But [...]

Sunday Currently | 16

A good morning here from USA! Good afternoon/morning/goodnight on wherever you are! Okay I think this isn't making any sense. Hi guys! How's your Sunday? Mine is good since I'm starting the day right now. I'm guessing you guys saw my previous posts? If you do, you might know how homesick am I huh? I [...]


Is it selfish to be sad because of the feeling of loneliness? Is it selfish to think about yourself in this depressing circumstance? Am I selfish? Those are the questions running in my head. I've been very vocal about my feelings right now. And it doesn't matter what people say about that but then something [...]

The Struggles of an Alien Teen

I don't want to stay in this house anymore. It feels dull even there's a lot of talking. I want to get outside and sniff the fresh air. The dark skies manifested, the clouds vanishing, and the stars glowing. I want to experience a life wherein I can travel with friends and just party and [...]

Unique Blogger Award Nomination!

Hi guys! First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to ate Thea for the nomination! Please do check out her blog! Consists of cool stuffs that you will definitely be interested in! Click to see Ate Thea's blog. Thank you also for the nomination on the Versatile Blogger Award and One Lovely [...]


How can I have new friends?How can I make friends?For a few years, making friends isn't my field of expertise. Even now.Perks of never transferring to a different school is that you never experience on making new friends. 'Cause why bother? When you have the squad or group of friends you met since kindergarten. And [...]