Realist Dreamer’s Diary

at the moment, I can’t get enough of my beach photos. lol.

Hi guys!! So yes, the girl in the picture is Realist Dreamer! But wait, let me show you a front picture since you guys can’t see my face.

Yes, that’s not me. So I use the name Realist Dreamer because it defines me and my character. But let me shower you with my basic informations.

My name is Justine Antoinette Paragas. 13 years of existence and my birthday is on May 17.

Yes, a young  blogger wannabe.

So more basics about me is that I was born and raised in the Philippines (will always be my home) and currently now, me and my family migrated to USA. 

Yes adjustments eh?

Some hobbies of mine is I love to read and write. But for the writing part, it depends on my mood- because sometimes I feel having a burnout.- ugh, I feel bad about this feeling.

Anyways, let’s focus on this webpage your in.

So the name of my blog is Realist Dreamer, as you guys can see, the reason I named it Realist Dreamer is because it defines what I am- a realist and a dreamer. 

I look on the realistic side when life offers various struggles or I say, challenges. 

I just want to stay on the sane side and I mean like let’s face it, life isn’t a fairytale where it’s easy having a happy ending- and yes, now you got the reason or attitude by the statement I made, realist.

For the next thing, a dreamer, in spite of being a realist, I still look on those bright and sparkling stars and dream. As a teenager, I have lots of dreams. I dream to be a doctor, I dream to be an author, and the like- for short, I dream to be successful and return the favor to my family who helped me. Yes, ambitious to be exact. 

So now you know the reasons behind my name, let me tell you what thus blog can offer you.

The title of the this page says it all. 

Realist Dreamer’s Diary.

My blog is a public diary of mine. It’s filled with my thoughts wandering in my head that’s eager to be let out and to speak out. I’m an outspoken person. So yeah. This is a lifestyle blog.

I’m not staying on one side and doing nothing, I am a fighter. Lionhearted to be exact. I don’t let myself and my love ones down.

This blog is not a typical blog you guys see because this blog focuses on different topics. 

I share my life experiences and what’s up with my life. I give tips and tricks based on my experiences and trials.

My readers are special to me. I thank them for being a reader of this blog. They are one of my motivation.

So I guess that’s all you guys need to know eh?

But truth to be told, reading this page isn’t enough for you to know me.

I know funny right? But reading my blog entries is the cool way to know me a lot. Because you guys will know what’s running on my mind.

We all have thoughts waiting to be let out. 

Let me tell you this, don’t keep your thoughts to yourself. Stop carrying heavy thngs on your chest. Don’t be ashamed of yourself. Speak. Let those thoughts out and express yourself.

The main reason on why I started this blog is because I want to express myself.

So aside from this blog, you guys can see me through my social media accounts by going to my Let’s Keep In Touch and FAQs page

And that’s all you need to know. Finally I wrote something cool for my about page. Took me a year! Lol!

Justine 💕