Appreciate your own beauty.

Appreciate your own beauty.Appreciate those eyesThose lips, ears, lashes, and brows.Appreciate your nose, appreciate your jawline, appreciate your look.Appreciate your smile, appreciate your laugh. Appreciate your posture,Appreciate your height, form, and built.Appreciate your traits, appreciate your weaknesses. Appreciate your strength, and appreciate your life.Appreciate everything. Appreciate your intelligence and yourself.Oops, I'm not yet done.Appreciate your … Continue reading Appreciate your own beauty.


This is what happens when you have anxiety.

This is raw. This post is written without being edited and re-check. This is me sharing my raw thoughts.Having anxiety is so hard. Mine is a mild one.I have this constant feeling when I do things.I don't even know how I got this trait. Maybe it's because of life experiences. Maybe because of being afraid … Continue reading This is what happens when you have anxiety.