5 TRAITS of mine that I should outgrow and how will I do that.

No one is really perfect. Even the kindest and purest of all has it flaws.I don't even know why but until now I can't outgrow these traits.Like I can't have a control on myself. So here I'm sharing to you my some traits that I literally want to outgrow them.Trait # 1: Having less patience.I [...]

Describing myself in 3 Words

Soft-Hearted personI don't even know why I describe this by I find myself being touched with other people. I mean like perhaps with old people, I always want to hug them and like I easily interact with them. And yes, I'm one of those grand daughters who is really sweet with their grandparents. Ask them [...]

Fitting in on ‘Merica

If you came from an another country, you definitely have to do one thing. You have to fit in. Fitting in. You have to be related to them on everything. You shouldn't be left out. And this is what I'm feeling right now.  I have to fit in. You know this feeling that you want [...]

It’s better not to receive anything than owing your entire life to them.

Let me rant in the most formal way as possible. *inhales, exhales*  Okay,  So how do I begin? Oh yeah, so my uncle arrived at our house to bring my cousin (his son) at a restaurant for dinner. Fact: My uncle is american and he was the one who bought our school shoes. Thanks Uncle! Lots [...]


This was really unexpected. For one year and more than a half months in this blogging industry, I didn't expect myself being nominated for this kind of award. Thank you to ate Ica Montemayor for nominating me for this kind of award! Speechless ako haha! I just saw your post about this and I was [...]

The Letter Of The One Who Left.

Just a year ago, things were really different. From the place, surroundings, and life. My life was different last year. And I was happy for it.  I was happy.  Last year, I was able to spend time with my friends endless. Have endless conversations and laughs.  I was also able to be with my dad [...]

My Weekly Journal | July 24-28 | M-F | 01

Hi guys! Welcome to the "My Weekly Journal" Volume 1. So next week it's going to be August! Like wow! Time flies so fast! And then I'm here now counting the last days of summer since on August 15 school will start and there will be surely a blog entry coming up about that.  So [...]