An Open Letter to my Current Self + 2 AM thoughts

Dear Current Self,It's 2:03 AM in the morning as I am typing this and I just wanted to exhaust myself since half of me wants to doze off and half of me doesn't want to. Not good a disciplining myself would be the best statement to describe this.So what should I say to you? You [...]


To my Grandfather who passed away five years ago..

Hi Lolo!  (Lolo means grandfather in the PH incase you guys don't know.) I just want to say Happy Birthday! I hope you and Ma (my grandma) is happy on wherever you guys are. Is it nice at heaven? I wish there was an internet where you can read this birthday greeting. We may not [...]

An Open Letter to my best friend

Hi bes,  I won't be mentioning your name, but if you can read this, I first wanna tell you that I forgive you.  Yes, I forgive and forgave you. For everything you have done, the faults, the mistakes, and everything. I'm being cold (Am I?) to you lately because of what have you done.  But [...]