Dear Future Self,

I want to know what will happen to us when I’m in the position where you at now. But that ruins the thrill. Hardships, problems, struggles have been filling my holes. But those three don’t deserve to be in me. But we cannot avoid it. Unfortunately. Problems would always come. And here I am constantly [...]


You Are Not Alone ;

Staring deeply into oblivion; Those dark, night skies being exposed; The stars glimmering the sky; and the words of the depressed wishing in the shooting stars; You are not alone; In this massive world, everyone faces different struggles; I know you feel alone, empty, sad, depressed, and unmotivated; Do not give up; Do not waste [...]

untitled 01

I’m starting this series on my blog called “Untitled” and just rant. This is like a state of my mind where I had enough of bullshit in life or probably just one to let something go away and just you know? Survive. Just rant. I wish everything was just a dream. A terrible dream I [...]

How do I unlove thee?

“How do I stop thinking about him? How do I stop thinking how he cares for me? How do I stop thinking he would hug me all the time like before? How do I stop thinking that he would text me? How do I quit this infatuation? I hate when intimate things start to happen [...]

The Cry of A Grade Conscious Student

I'm freaking bothered. My brain starts to fill in with negative thoughts and my heart starts to beat rapidly. I'm pissed and disappointed at the same time. It made me lose my mood and my giddiness. I felt weak, I felt slow. But how did this happened? Awhile ago, I decided to check my over-all [...]

The Struggles of an Alien Teen

I don't want to stay in this house anymore. It feels dull even there's a lot of talking. I want to get outside and sniff the fresh air. The dark skies manifested, the clouds vanishing, and the stars glowing. I want to experience a life wherein I can travel with friends and just party and [...]


How can I have new friends?How can I make friends?For a few years, making friends isn't my field of expertise. Even now.Perks of never transferring to a different school is that you never experience on making new friends. 'Cause why bother? When you have the squad or group of friends you met since kindergarten. And [...]

An Open Letter to my Current Self + 2 AM thoughts

Dear Current Self,It's 2:03 AM in the morning as I am typing this and I just wanted to exhaust myself since half of me wants to doze off and half of me doesn't want to. Not good a disciplining myself would be the best statement to describe this.So what should I say to you? You [...]

To my Grandfather who passed away five years ago..

Hi Lolo!  (Lolo means grandfather in the PH incase you guys don't know.) I just want to say Happy Birthday! I hope you and Ma (my grandma) is happy on wherever you guys are. Is it nice at heaven? I wish there was an internet where you can read this birthday greeting. We may not [...]

As a new student coming from another country, I definitely need your advice and tips.

In two weeks time, school will start for me and I'm starting to feel nervous about it. This is the first time ever that I'm posting a short blog entry, rather I'm asking for your help and advice. So as to those people who don't know, I came from the Philippines and now lives here [...]