Being compared is the worst thing ever

Do I look messy?Do I look like a person who doesn't know her hygiene?Do I look unorganized?Those questions flooded on my head as soon as my mom started to lecture tell me and compare me to someone I know.Being compared is the worst feeling ever.What did my mom tell us anyways?My mom told me that [...]

Sunday Currently | 12

Hi guys!So I didn't know that it was Sunday today until I checked my lock screen.Geez! Time flies so fast! Life has been kinda good right now.The mere fact that school starts on two days makes me jittery! Well, anyways, how's your Sunday? I hope it's good. I can't think on anything to say so [...]

Tuesday Timeline: School’s been shitty right now.

The smell of hot choco made me relax and drinking it made my nerves calm. Today's happenings isn't that good. Even though my aunt told me to not to worry. I wouldn't be incontent.August 9th, Wednesday, marked the day that we should be receiving a call from our school that I'm enrolled. Since I'm waitlisted.But [...]

Describing myself in 3 Words

Soft-Hearted personI don't even know why I describe this by I find myself being touched with other people. I mean like perhaps with old people, I always want to hug them and like I easily interact with them. And yes, I'm one of those grand daughters who is really sweet with their grandparents. Ask them [...]

Fitting in on ‘Merica

If you came from an another country, you definitely have to do one thing. You have to fit in. Fitting in. You have to be related to them on everything. You shouldn't be left out. And this is what I'm feeling right now.  I have to fit in. You know this feeling that you want [...]

The Letter Of The One Who Left.

Just a year ago, things were really different. From the place, surroundings, and life. My life was different last year. And I was happy for it.  I was happy.  Last year, I was able to spend time with my friends endless. Have endless conversations and laughs.  I was also able to be with my dad [...]

Sunday Currently | 08

Hey guys! So how's your Sunday? Well for me my sunday is just a typical day for me. Rest. Yesterday was very tiring yet it was an achievement. Like imagine, me and my 14 year old sister (she's the eldest) survived riding a train ALONE here in LA. We visited Downtown LA and specifically, the [...]