I just want to go back to my old school. But everything takes time.

One thing to describe school.UnexpectedI mean really unexpected.Hi guys!So I just want to let my thoughts out and share a blog entry for y'all since I'm really expecting myself not to blog because my schedule's going to be hectic.The first two days of me being in school seems good. Well let me tell you how [...]

Sunday Currently | 12

Hi guys!So I didn't know that it was Sunday today until I checked my lock screen.Geez! Time flies so fast! Life has been kinda good right now.The mere fact that school starts on two days makes me jittery! Well, anyways, how's your Sunday? I hope it's good. I can't think on anything to say so [...]

ALBUM: Griffith Observatory x My First Ever Hiking Experience!

Hi guys!So if you're a follower of my social media accounts, I'm guessing you guys saw snippets of my hiking experience. Instagram's being shit right now because I can't view some of my pictures in the Multiple Photo I did on IG. But anyways, it's my first time to hike!And to tell you it was [...]

An Open Letter to my Current Self + 2 AM thoughts

Dear Current Self,It's 2:03 AM in the morning as I am typing this and I just wanted to exhaust myself since half of me wants to doze off and half of me doesn't want to. Not good a disciplining myself would be the best statement to describe this.So what should I say to you? You [...]

It’s better not to receive anything than owing your entire life to them.

Let me rant in the most formal way as possible. *inhales, exhales*  Okay,  So how do I begin? Oh yeah, so my uncle arrived at our house to bring my cousin (his son) at a restaurant for dinner. Fact: My uncle is american and he was the one who bought our school shoes. Thanks Uncle! Lots [...]

To my Grandfather who passed away five years ago..

Hi Lolo!  (Lolo means grandfather in the PH incase you guys don't know.) I just want to say Happy Birthday! I hope you and Ma (my grandma) is happy on wherever you guys are. Is it nice at heaven? I wish there was an internet where you can read this birthday greeting. We may not [...]

As a new student coming from another country, I definitely need your advice and tips.

In two weeks time, school will start for me and I'm starting to feel nervous about it. This is the first time ever that I'm posting a short blog entry, rather I'm asking for your help and advice. So as to those people who don't know, I came from the Philippines and now lives here [...]

The Letter Of The One Who Left.

Just a year ago, things were really different. From the place, surroundings, and life. My life was different last year. And I was happy for it.  I was happy.  Last year, I was able to spend time with my friends endless. Have endless conversations and laughs.  I was also able to be with my dad [...]

My Weekly Journal | July 24-28 | M-F | 01

Hi guys! Welcome to the "My Weekly Journal" Volume 1. So next week it's going to be August! Like wow! Time flies so fast! And then I'm here now counting the last days of summer since on August 15 school will start and there will be surely a blog entry coming up about that.  So [...]

The Writer’s Conflict

Have you experienced writers' block? Have you experienced that time when you just have to stare on your phone or whatever device you are using to write?  You just see that blank space and trying to come up with ideas. You think too much that it causes you headaches and exhaustion. That's what I'm feeling [...]